The Haunted Town Of Oceanside, California

Oceanside, California is a quiet place to live, located in North San Diego county. Like most of California, it’s heavily suburban in character and most of the residents are commuters to San Diego city itself. It’s a testament to the 1950s, when even the threat of the Cold War couldn’t keep people from heading to the suburbs and setting up a life that would not have been too unlike that of an era sitcom.

That said, this quiet suburb has its dark places as well, and many believe that deceased residents of the town remain nearby and come out only when the sun sets.

The San Luis Rey Pioneer Cemetery carries a heavy reputation in the Oceanside community. Though it is home to only around 120 grave sites, it is remarkably haunted for such a small area. It contains the bodies of a number of early settlers from the 19th century, including the founder of Oceanside, Andrew Jackson Myers. While the graveyard is renowned for its unsettling and haunting atmosphere, practically out of a horror movie, the cemetery is also a destination for vandals and thieves.

No one knows exactly what makes the cemetery such a popular target among such shady characters, but several headstones have been stolen over the years and other forms of desecration are shockingly common in this cemetery. Many residents who have visited the cemetery have come away with strange tales of orbs of light floating above the cemetery, though whether these are all a trick of the light or something more frightening is up for debate.

Elsewhere in Oceanside, there is the Hunter Steakhouse. The steakhouse was built over the former site of the Buena Vista Cemetery, established over a century ago before it was uprooted in the 1970s to make way for commercial buildings such as the steakhouse. Many bodies were overlooked when uprooting the cemetery, however. In a few appalling cases, some were simply tossed in the nearby lagoon.

Since then, steakhouse employees have seen objects moving on their own and have experienced unexplained power surges that don’t affect other nearby buildings. Others report hearing voices calling their names, but when they went to see what was going on, they found nobody but thin air. A few diners have ever reported apparitions of a woman floating about the building, for some reason most often sighted near the stairs to the bar area, though nobody is sure why.