Real estate agent fired after taunting Gillum supporters in viral video

Liliana Albarino-Olinick and the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office (Credit: Google, Twitter)

A South Florida real estate agent protesting Broward’s supervisor of elections was fired over the weekend after she was seen in a video mocking supporters of gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

In a video posted on Twitter, United Realty Group agent Liliana Albarino-Olinick chanted “count my vote” with a sign that read, “Fight Corruption in Broward. Fire Brenda Snipes”, and yelled “socialists, socialists” to three elderly black women demonstrating for Gillum at the elections office in Lauderhill, Twitter user Djinn said, according to the Daily Business Review.

Olinick also chanted to Gillum supporters that they wanted Gillum to be mayor “because he is black,” adding that, “If it was a white candidate, they wouldn’t be out. But because he is black, that’s why. Because they are racists, that’s why.”

Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, lost to former Rep. Ron DeSantis last week. The race is one of three in the state undergoing a mandatory automatic recount, and Snipes has been criticized for her handling of the election.

David Chambless, United Realty’s owner and executive vice president, fired Olinick on Saturday along with her husband, Shawn Olinick, who was not in the videos. Both are independent contractors.

Chambless told the newspaper the company wants to “distance ourselves from that association.”

Olinick apologized for her “very inappropriate behavior” and said it was “not the person that I am.” [DBR] – Katherine Kallergis

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